Church Security

Is Your Church As Secure As It Could Be?

pic_basketIn today’s day and age, even churches are a target for criminals. In fact, criminals view most churches as an easy target because of the open and welcoming environment they foster—easy to get in and out. They know that more than ever, church facilities contain valuable, high-tech items such as musical instruments and multimedia equipment. Many churches even have a retail presence with valuable merchandise, and criminals know that many of these high-value assets often reside in a concentrated area.

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Sonitrol specializes in working with churches to offer a cost effective means of protecting your congregation without letting the security hardware become a distraction to your ministry. Sonitrol has discreet security technology that offers maximum protection with a minimal footprint.

The reality is that today, churches face the same security challenges as any other business, school, government or commercial facility — and the liabilities that go along with it. Is your church prepared? Contact a Sonitrol representative and let us show you solutions used by thousands of churches to keep a church safe.