Have a safe, happy and fire free season!

One of the most wonderful times of the year can quickly turn into the most dangerous time of year without proper fire prevention.  As you decorate and spread holiday cheer remember some of these simple tips:

  1. Water it or Bonfire it – Live Christmas trees are not only beautiful, but have that special Christmas smell!  But, without the proper care and attention, you can be putting an instant match into your office or home.   These simple tasks are a must:
    • Keep your tree watered.
    • Keep your tree away from heaters and flames.
    • And discard your tree when dry.
  2. Using the glow – Candles can have that warm beautiful glow and can make any office smell like grandma’s Christmas cookies.  Remember to place candles away from papers, blinds, lamps or other low hanging flammable items.  It only takes a moment for a fire to get out of control!
  3. Plug it in…but properly – Remember to:
    • Never use an indoor extension cord, outdoors
    • Never use a frayed or damaged cord – BUY A NEW ONE
    • One adapter per outlet!  Do not accept the challenge to see how many electrical appliances you can plug into one outlet!!
    • Do not plug one extension cord into another; 50 foot of electrical cord does not mean 5, 10 foot cords plugged into each other.
    • Not all cords are created equally!  In fact, most house fires are caused by improper cord usage.  Look for the number of watts on the appliance and then purchase the proper extension cord.
    • Do not connect a Three-Prong plug in a Two-Hole cord.
  4. Have a monitored fire system – When you’re away, a fire can smolder for hours without the outside world noticing.  With a monitored fire system, it is possible for help to be dispatched before even the neighbors notice.  This can save valuable property along with priceless mementos and memories!

For more tips on keeping your property from a fire, go to NFPA.ORG.

Sign says “No one’s here; burglarize me!”

Verfied SecurityIf you have a sign on your door saying the business is closed for the weekend, you have just told the public that your building will be unoccupied for the holiday.  Is your alarm system up to the task?

Several businesses have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars over a holiday weekend.  The bad guys even took their truck.  And while you may have the very best insurance provider, they usually only cover lost equipment.  Which piece of equipment is most valuable to your business?  If it was gone, how long would you be down?  If someone burglarized your store, how long would it take to clean up and restock the missing items?  Burglaries cost money.  No system can prevent burglaries.  But a verified system has a better chance of keeping your property on your property.

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Apprehension – Good job Henderson Police Dept!

Thank you @Henderson_PD for catching a burglar at a local restaurant!

@sonitrolverify #caughtbysonitrol #verifiedalarms

Friday morning in Henderson, Sonitrol operator, Terry, received an audio alarm at a local restaurant.  The clear sound of breaking glass can be heard as the alarm is tripped during the early morning break-in. The Henderson Police Department arrived to find one individual had thrown a rock through the drive thru window to gain entry.  The man was arrested and transported to the hospital for injuries sustained while climbing over the broken glass. Click on the audio clip below to hear the actual break in.

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Police – “You called us, but can they call you?”

burglary alarmWhen officers respond to a commercial burglary alarm, they never know what they will actually find when they arrive on scene.  At Sonitrol, our goal is to help them catch the bad guy.   But that doesn’t always happen.  That is why when we dispatch on your alarm, we first call police and then we call those on your call list.  It is VERY important that your security company can reach one of these people.  Why?  There may be damage to the property.  A window may be broken, a door kicked in beyond repair.  Or even worse, the “bad guy” got away with property.  Update your information with your security provider if you have:

  • Disconnected your home phone
  • Changed your cell phone provider
  • The authorized employee no longer works for the company

If there has been a break in, it is your responsibility to secure a broken door or window.  If any of the “bad guys” evaded police, officers will need you to list things that are missing.  Then they can get the information out to the public to help find your property as soon as possible.

Don’t leave law enforcement hanging!

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Burglars don’t always use the door

Twenty five percentage of burglars use an entry other than a window or a door.  Check around your building for easy access to the roof.  Trees close to the building, fire ladders, and telephone poles can provide burglars with a secluded area to enter your building.  Burglars feel safe if they bypass the doors and motion detectors because the those alarms will only sound as they are leaving.  Consider investing in a silent system that will activate BEFORE the burglar enters the building.

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Business Tip – Identify your building

verified securitySo you invested in a verified security system to get police to your business quickly!  That’s great!  But can law enforcement easily identify your building?  Make sure the name of your business and the address is prominently displayed so they can see it from the street.  That way there is no delay in catching the bad guys!

Apprehension – School security system catches one!

business security


Last night at 2:30 am, Sonitrol operator Tina, received an alarm from Owensville Community School in Owensville Indiana.  Police arrived to find a broken window.  One person was apprehended.  Other then the broken window, there was no property loss.

Special thanks to the Owensville Police Department for their quick response time!


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