Home Security

Home-Security-SystemsProtect your loved ones and your memories

Home security is peace of mind knowing that your family and memories are protected whether you are at home or away. Sonitrol can customize a residential security system to meet your security needs.

Integrated Home Fire Protection

Protect your loved ones when they are sleeping… or when no one is home. Integrated smoke and heat detectors provide immediate notification when there is a fire and automatically alerts the fire department. Carbon Monoxide detectors can also be added to give you complete life safety protection.

Remote Home Security Arming/Disarming

Now you can have your home security at your fingertips wherever you go. Using your Apple or Android device:

  • Arm and check the status of your security system
  • Disarm your system
  • Change a code if it has been compromised
  • Set your own alerts to receive system notifications
  • Add and delete users

Sonitrol’s Exclusive Audio Detection

When your family is in trouble, you want them to receive the help they need as fast as possible. With Sonitrol’s patented audio system, police respond to an alarm up to 38 minutes faster than a conventional alarm system. Highly trained operators can also provide law enforcement with the critical details they need to help them respond if there is a burglary at your home.

Home Security Systems - 2Wireless Panic Buttons

Provide additional security for your family to instantly notify the police in case of emergency with panic buttons that work anywhere in your home. Sonitrol also provides medical pendant monitoring for elderly family members; that provide peace of mind when no one is around.

Home Security Camera Systems

Home security camera systems can be added to any system to watch and record areas inside and outside your home. You have the flexibility to view live video from your home at the office or any high speed internet connection. “Nanny” cameras can watch caregivers when you are not around.