Enterprise Access

Sonitrol Enterprise Access Offers Unlimited Expandability

enterprise_accessIf you want an access control system that can grow with your company, Sonitrol offers a powerful solution with Sonitrol Enterprise Access. Scalable from entry-level to enterprise-wide, this next-generation security management system combines ease of use with an exceptional level of control. With four configurations—Lite, Standard, Plus and Professional—we can provide the ideal match for your access control needs today and tomorrow.

Enterprise Access supports an unlimited number of:

  • On-line readers
  • Cards
  • Cardholders
  • Client workstations
  • Addressable controllers
  • Badge formats
  • Administrative options for access levels, time zones and cardholder customer fields

A Robust Tool That’s Easy to Use

Enterprise Access has an intuitive graphical user interface for simplified set-up, training and operation. This feature-rich event management system is built on a cardholder-centric database that supports a wide range of user variations, including multiple passwords and permissions by user. With four window views on the event monitor, and a wide range of event filters, it supports simultaneous security coverage of separately defined regions.

Exceptional Flexibility

Like all Sonitrol access control offerings, Sonitrol Enterprise Access integrates with intrusion alarms and video/CCTV/DVR as well as HVAC and other systems for maximum security. In addition to complete compatibility with Sonitrol 32-bit controllers, the system offers seamless integration with a range of third-party products. The system can be configured to operate on your LAN or secured WAN, and its remote dial-up capability offers further options for extending security across your enterprise.