How much does a security system cost?
The price of security systems is based on the control panel, or the brains of the system, the number of keypads, the amount of devices and any options you might want to add. We also include monitoring and service on all the equipment. However, because we value you as a customer, we refuse to give you inadequate service just to get your business. For this reason, we will send one of our knowledgeable consultants to give you a free assessment. They will listen to your needs and share their recommendations.

Do I have to have a landline in my house for my system to “talk” to central station?
No. We can communicate with your system using your internet or the cell signal in your area; whichever is more reliable.

Why does my security company call me when my internet is down?
Internet security systems communicate with the central station every 15 to 60 minutes. If the test signal is sent and the internet is down at that moment, the signal will come back to us as a “Fail To Test”. This interruption is similar to clicking on a website and having to refresh the page because it is taking too long. If the signal comes back to us as a fail, we must call you to let you know that we sent a test and your communication is down. If your communication is down, the central station will not receive an alarm if there is a break in. This call is for your protection and it is the main reason that your consultant will ask you if your internet service is reliable.

How do I know the tech will not come back and rob me?
Known criminals should never be allowed to work for a security company. At Sonitrol, we run background checks on all of our employees to ensure that we are only hiring the “cream of the crop”.

Do you guys have a referral program?
We do. We know that our best advertising is one of our happy customers. So if you send friends or family to us for a free assessment and they install a system with us, we will give you $100.00 in free monitoring. Remind your friends and family to mention your name when they call so we can get you your credit on your monitoring!

Do I have to sign a contract?
We will ask you to sign an agreement. The agreement will detail all the equipment, the service details and cover your monitoring. But we will make you happy before you truly commit to us! Sonitrol offers a 90 day guarantee. If you have problems with the system and we are unable to fix them, we will remove the system and give you your money back. That’s it.

What if I accidentally set my alarm off?
After we dispatch police or the fire department, we will contact a list of people that you provide to meet the responding agency at the location of the alarm. If we have a current list, and the call is answered we MAY be able to cancel the dispatch. If you set off your alarm and then cancel with your code, we will not send police, but we will contact you. If you are forced to turn off the system by an intruder, know your duress code. See next question for more information on this function.

What is a panic or duress code?
If you are forced into your home, the intruder will want you to turn off your security alarm. When a duress code is entered, the system will appear to disarm. But the monitoring station will be dispatching the police.

Can I put the system up myself and save some money?
While saving money is a great plan, this is can be a costly mistake. Trained professionals will not only install the system, but test each device to ensure the monitoring station will receive the proper alarms. Installation is so important to us, that our newly hired installation technicians, MUST be supervised for no less than 6 months by a lead tech before they can install a system alone.

What if I have a problem with my system after hours?
Sonitrol’s central station is always staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can always call and speak to one of your operators. We also have a technician available to answer emergency service calls.

Can I monitor my own system for less money?
It is true that there are systems that can be downloaded on to your smart phone to view when your system is in alarm. These systems cost little or no monthly charges. But, do you leave your phone on the desk in your office, at home or in your car? Do you ever have to silence your phone? If you are on a sunny tropical vacation sipping a fruity drink, will you even care if have cell phone signal? If you are not glued to your phone at all times, then you might miss an alarm. There is also the issue of calling the police. If you call 911 on a cell phone, and you are in a different state or anywhere outside the local area, the operator you reach will not be the one that dispatches to your property. This will cause a delay in sending the police. Consider the cost savings of monitoring your own system versus losing property because the police weren’t dispatched properly.

I have heavy equipment (ie. Air compressors, fans) running all the time. Wouldn’t these loud noises cause a false alarms?
Yes. The system would be activated all the time if we put audio sensors in a room where you have equipment running all night. But we are a professional security team. We realize an audio system isn’t for everyone. If you have large equipment running constantly, we will use a video solution to secure your property. If you have an air compressor that kicks on during the middle of the night, we may call you the first time it happens to confirm that someone isn’t using a blow torch to make entry into the building. (Yes, this has happened). We may see if the equipment can be turned off at night or adjust the system accordingly. But we will not dispatch on your air compressor.

Is there a pay portal on this website?
Not yet. However, Judy would be happy to take your money. or call: (812) 253-9464