National Police Week – Thank You!

It’s National Police Week, and we would like to say thank you to our men and women in blue for your dedication to serve and protect our communities. Sonitrol has been a proud supporter of police since our founding in the early 1960s. In fact, our story began with the partnership of an inventor and a police officer. Over fifty years ago, an Indiana innovator by the name of Robert Baxter teamed up with a fellow Hoosier and local police officer, Al Cronk. Using Baxter’s latest invention, the audio sensor, the pair created a security company that could reduce false alarms for police and increase criminal apprehensions.

This partnership had incredible results:

  1. We reduce false alarms for police. Conventional alarms have up to a 98% false alarm rate because, unlike Sonitrol, they can’t verify that a break-in is actually occurring. While the conventional systems rely on door and window contacts alone to detect intrusion, Sonitrol also uses highly sensitive audio sensors that can detect abnormal sounds in and around your building. With our patented audio intrusion detection, our 24/7 on-call operators begin listening the instant an intruder is attempting to enter a facility and can determine if a crime is occurring. We don’t have to waste the time of local police by sending them to investigate every time the air conditioning kicks on and causes a curtain or the blinds to rustle and trips a motion detector like other alarms. We only dispatch police in the event of a real break-in.
  2. We have a high apprehension rate. Unlike traditional alarm companies, when a burglar actually breaks-in through a window, rooftop access, or door, our alarm is silent, so the criminal won’t even realize we have dispatched police and that they are on the way. Sonitrol has assisted law enforcement in apprehending over 179,698 criminals to date.
  3. Our system creates increased safety for police. Because our system is verified, we won’t dispatch the police unless we are sure there is a real break-in. Other alarm companies notify the police for countless false alarms due to their inability to verify alarms, and this sends police racing across town at high speeds, putting them in danger, for absolutely no reason. Also, when a real break-in is occurring, our operators listen to every second of audio and even watch live feed if video verification has been installed, and in turn, they relay critical details to the police who are being dispatched. Providing the police with this essential information better prepares them for what they can expect as they head to the scene of the break-in.
  4. We are a proud supporter of our local law enforcement. We are so thankful for being able to participate in local police fundraisers and events, from the EPD Foundation SWAT Challenge to the EPD Foundation Policeman’s Ball. We are especially fond of our K-9 Officer, Doc, who we donated to the EPD in 2016. He is even named after Sonitrol of Evansville’s own founder, “Doc”, Dr. William Standring. K-9 Doc has already assisted his trainer, EPD Sergeant John Montgomery, in apprehending criminals!

National Police Week_May 11-17 2019

National Police Week May 11-17, 2019

Our unique history aside, Sonitrol looks forward to the future, and we can’t wait to see how our relationship with law enforcement continues to grow. We wouldn’t be here today without police, and we are so thankful for all they sacrifice to make our communities safe. If you see a police officer, be sure to thank them. From all of us at Sonitrol, thank you to our police for your service!