A Sonitrol a day keeps the burglar away!


As a physician, you often have to juggle many different responsibilities. From handling your patients to managing your staff, you already have a lot on your plate to deal with. The worst nightmare for any physician would be to have their operations disrupted by a break-in on their premises. Due to the important and sensitive role that you play in society, you can become a desirable target without even thinking about it.

It’s a sad fact that opioid addiction is on the rise.  And even though you may not have drugs in the office, an addict will look for anything they can sell, pawn or exchange for another fix.  According to the FBI, victims of burglary suffered an estimated $3.6 Billion in property losses in 2016.  And while a good insurance company will cover the loss of property, the loss of your patient’s information cannot be measured.

Potential risks to Physician premises

A doctor’s office is often susceptible to many different risks as a result of the sensitive role that physicians play. The 3 main categories that can make them targets of burglars and vandalism include:


While most physicians don’t keep a large stock of drugs readily available in their offices, they may have ordered a temporary stock to deal with rising customer demand. It can prove disastrous if burglars or drug addicts target your office and end up stealing drugs to utilize for harmful purposes.


It is sometimes necessary to keep small amounts of cash in the office for convenience purposes. It is, therefore, a good idea to adequately protect your premises from break-ins that can result in the theft of cash.

Patient information

Most importantly, safeguarding the information of your patients should be any physician’s top concern. Because you handle addresses, social security numbers, credit card data and medical records, your office can become a target for burglaries.

In addition, disgruntled patients and their relatives can plan to do harm if they were dissatisfied with a previous experience or service.

The need for proper security

To adequately safeguard your premises, installing a verified electronic security system can deter potential threats and keep all your valuables safe. Any break-ins can be immediately detected and police can be notified to respond in real time. This will not only give you peace of mind, it will also reassure your customers that you have their best interests at heart.

How Sonitrol can help

Are your premises vulnerable? Don’t be a desirable target. Sonitrol is a verified Electronic Security System that offers intrusion detection, video-monitoring, panic-buttons, fire/smoke detection and keyless entry. These basic and essential features all work hand in hand to deter threats and to immediately detect burglary attempts. Cops love the system because it offers instant alarm verification and provides information in real time.

With advanced monitoring, it also tends to deter crime before it happens. Your premises are fully monitored through a combination of audio and video clips. Is anyone looking for opioid to feed their addiction? Sonitrol will stop them in their tracks or catch them red-handed. Need a flexible and advanced security system? Contact Sonitrol today. 800.444.1191