Police – “You called us, but can they call you?”

burglary alarmWhen officers respond to a commercial burglary alarm, they never know what they will actually find when they arrive on scene.  At Sonitrol, our goal is to help them catch the bad guy.   But that doesn’t always happen.  That is why when we dispatch on your alarm, we first call police and then we call those on your call list.  It is VERY important that your security company can reach one of these people.  Why?  There may be damage to the property.  A window may be broken, a door kicked in beyond repair.  Or even worse, the “bad guy” got away with property.  Update your information with your security provider if you have:

  • Disconnected your home phone
  • Changed your cell phone provider
  • The authorized employee no longer works for the company

If there has been a break in, it is your responsibility to secure a broken door or window.  If any of the “bad guys” evaded police, officers will need you to list things that are missing.  Then they can get the information out to the public to help find your property as soon as possible.

Don’t leave law enforcement hanging!

If you’re interested in a system that has a greater chance of helping law enforcement catch an intruder, call for a free assessment.