Celebrate our 50th Anniversary with us!

Fifty years ago, in 1969, our founder, Dr. William Standring, “Doc”, opened Sonitrol of Evansville to help police reduce false alarms and to increase criminal apprehensions. Since then, our location has played an essential role in achieving Sonitrol corporate’s apprehension rate of over 180,140 criminals and counting. What began as one man’s vision of helping police catch criminals has grown into a trusted family of people who value each other, their clients, and their community. We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without the continued support of our customers, fire department, and law enforcement officers alike, which is why we’d like to invite you all to celebrate with us.
We would love to see you on Friday, September 13, 2019 between 11a.m.-2p.m. for our 50thAnniversary Open House. In addition to serving delicious barbecue and sides from our local favorite, Miller’s BBQ Catering, we will be giving tours of our Central Station, the heart of Sonitrol, where our operators work 24 hours a day to monitor our customers’ verified alarms. With the Central Station tour, you will find out how operators listen to live audio feed to determine whether or not to dispatch police. Join us for free barbecue, take a tour of our operation, and celebrate with us. We are excited for the next fifty years to come!

You’re invited!
When: Friday, September 13, 2019
Time: 11a.m.-2p.m.
Where: Sonitrol of Evansville
208 NW Third Street
Evansville, IN 47708

Call us with any questions: (800) 444-1191 or email: info@sonitrolev.com

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The Three a.m. Wake-up Call

It’s three a.m. You are sound asleep, dreaming about that beach vacation you’re planning. Your toes are in the sand, the waves are gently lapping against the shore, when all of a sudden, an earthquake hits! Wait, it’s not an earthquake. It’s your cellphone buzzing across your nightstand. Why is my phone ringing at three a.m.? I was having the best dream!

No one wants to get that call. If you are a Sonitrol customer, you could be on the receiving end of one of those calls from our Central Station operators. Why? Has there been a break-in at your business? Maybe not. Often times, it’s not your usual suspect. A criminal hasn’t triggered the alarm at your facility. The culprit? An unsecured door, blown open by a summer storm or a gust of wind. Yep. A door.

But doors are great, right? They help protect the people who should be there and keep the noise, weather, unauthorized people, and zombies out. And with a Sonitrol security system at your business or residence, you’ve really added protection to your property, valuables, and loved ones. We’ve installed door contacts so that when your system is armed and a door is opened, our monitoring team will dispatch police.

How do the door contacts work?

A door contact has two components. First, there is the switch part that is attached to the doorframe. It can be wirelessly powered with a battery or wired directly to the security panel. The second part of the contact is a magnet. The two components need to meet up when the door is closed to let the control panel know that the door is shut. The standard allowable gap between the contact and magnet before it goes into alarm is ¾ of an inch. Once the magnet is farther than ¾ of an inch, the alarm point is considered open, and if the system is armed, our operators will be notified.

So how could a door cause a false alarm?

Sometimes, buildings settle, doors become misaligned, screws in hinges become loose, and doors and doorframes swell and shrink with changing seasons. It may sound as unlikely as a zombie knocking down your door, but it’s a common cause of false alarms.

So, what can you do?

  • Make sure all of your doors close properly. Can you pull the door open without turning the doorknob? Is there play in the door? When you pull on the handle, is it tight? Or does it wiggle and move?
  • Check the door hinges. The hinges should be checked to make sure screws have not loosened and the strike plate on the frame is installed properly and not damaged. Make sure the latch on the door is contacting the strike plate on the doorframe.
  • Check the door contact on occasion. Over time, the contact and the magnet can become misaligned or components can become damaged. Are both components of the door contact mounted properly and meeting when the door is closed?

Checking to make sure your doors are closed and secure and fixing older doors will help ensure that your building is protected when you arm the security system. It can increase police safety, too. Police safety? You bet. Avoiding these false alarms keeps our police from rushing across town when it isn’t necessary. On a windy night, or when a summer storm might be rolling in, that extra few minutes to check your doors could help make sure you enjoy those beach vacation dreams and don’t get a three a.m. wake-up call!

peaceful sleep

Protect your business day or night!

Often times, when people think of business security systems, they only consider how an alarm will protect their location after hours. But let’s look at how a verified alarm system, specifically, Sonitrol’s TotalGuard™ alarm, can offer your company, or even your school, protection during your daytime business hours.

You may be wondering…What is TotalGuard™? This is an ALL-IN-ONE intrusion detection solution that includes impact-activated audio, glass break analytics, motion detection and video verification. The TotalGuard™ system has wireless connectivity and complete volumetric intrusion detection. Once armed, which can be done via your Sonitrol Mobile app, the alarm works around the clock to protect your business.

So how can it help you during daytime business hours when it isn’t even armed? When a TotalGuard™ alarm is paired with our unique panic button, our Central Station operators will have instant access to live video and audio feed the moment you press your panic button. A variety of business settings might have need for this sort of set-up, such as gas stations, banks, fast food restaurants, and convenience stores. Here are a few scenarios where this could benefit your company during regular business hours:

  • Unruly individuals. From customers losing tempers to belligerent individuals acting aggressively to your cashier or staff at a gas station or small business shop, in the security business, we’ve seen it all. Sometimes, employees find themselves in a situation that has intensified in an instant, and for the safety of customers and themselves, they need the police there right away. Once they press the panic button, our Central Station operators will see live video and hear live audio feed from the TotalGuard™ system, while simultaneously dispatching police. Our team will give the police details as to what is happening in your business.
  • Active threats. Gas stations, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, jewelry stores, pawn shops, and banks jump to mind as potential targets for hold-ups or active threats. While we hope it never happens, being prepared with a TotalGuard™ alarm and panic button could save lives by providing responding law enforcement with critical information. In the terrible event of a hold-up, a bank teller, for example, can press the panic button and instantly activate our TotalGuard™ camera to allow our operators to relay real time information with live video and audio feed to police as they race to the scene.
  • School threats. By adding a TotalGuard™ camera and panic button to your school office, your front desk staff can alert us the moment something goes wrong, with the press of a button. The instant your school panic button is pressed our Central Station operators will notify police while seeing, recording, and sharing real-time details with law enforcement. This extra level of security can help police secure your campus and protect your students and staff during any school threat.

TotalGuard™ is an affordable camera alarm solution, turned on and off from your Sonitrol Mobile app. Not only will TotalGuard™ provide all-inclusive verified protection for your business after hours, paired with our panic button, it gives you dependable emergency assistance for your employees, customers, students, and company when you’re open for business. For a free consultation with our security professionals and to hear about our zero-down TotalGuard™ installation special, contact us at (800) 444-1191.



Preventing break-ins on summer break…

The countdown is here, and sure enough, in just a few short weeks, students, and teachers alike, will be bursting through school doors across the country, proclaiming three months of freedom. And while the students are away, will the burglars play? Here are a few quick tips to secure your school and prevent a break-in:

  • Use outdoor lights. Make sure your school’s outdoor walkways, entrances, and exits are clearly lit. Motion detector lights are excellent deterrents for potential vandals.
  • Store valuable equipment, such as computers, tablets, and science lab items in interior rooms and away from windows, out of sight from prying eyes.
  • Consider a verified security company versus a traditional alarm company. Unique factors set Sonitrol apart from traditional alarms and help us protect your students, teachers, and campus. As a provider of school security to more than 12,000 schools across North America for over fifty years, the Sonitrol Safe Schools program takes campus security to another level. Here’s how:
  1. We provide state-of-the-art audio detection. With strategically placed audio sensors throughout your facility, you don’t have to worry about your school being unprotected while the students are away. The instant a vandal breaks a window, opens a door, or breaks into your facility through rooftop access or any means, our audio sensors are activated. This means operators in central station immediately begin listening to real-time events and can determine whether it is a false alarm or if a break-in is occurring. They relay this information to law enforcement. Traditional alarms can’t verify what is happening when the motion detectors they depend on are tripped, which causes a high rate of false alarms. Unlike Sonitrol, they can’t be sure an actual break-in is occurring. Also, a unique feature of the Sonitrol alarm is that the criminals won’t even know police are on their way because this is a silent alarm.
  2. We offer managed access control. Using programmed keyless entry, you can decide which employees have permission to enter your facility and through which doors. From day care facilities to college campuses, depending on the number of your staff, this is a huge convenience, during the school year and on summer break. Traditional alarm companies may offer access control, but Sonitrol also offers door prop notification. This means that if a student or staff member intentionally leaves a door propped open, for example, to allow someone to access the school after hours, our operators will receive a notification and contact you about the door. This feature can be programmed according to your specifications. You may, for instance, want door prop notification to alert us after only thirty seconds of a door being open. It’s up to you.
  3. We offer emergency panic buttons. It’s an unfortunate reality, but schools are more vulnerable to violence and crime than ever before. When the students and teachers return after break, Sonitrol can provide unmatched security for any on-campus emergency. Our panic buttons can be placed in common areas around the school, such as the front office, and can even be carried on key chains by administrators. With the press of a button, not only will police be dispatched, the audio sensors will activate to allow operators to listen in during an emergency. This enables them to provide critical details to responding law enforcement. As an extra feature, if you choose to add video surveillance as well, after a panic button has been pressed, operators can watch live feed of your campus. This allows them to provide law enforcement even more information as to what is happening on your campus. Before the police arrive, they can know who is in the building and where any potential perpetrators may be. While traditional alarm companies might offer you a panic button, they can’t verify what is happening on your campus as Sonitrol can with our technology.

Sonitrol can provide unrivaled security for your school. We even offer fire detection monitoring. This summer break let us handle your school campus security needs. For a free quote, call us today at 1-800-444-1191 to have one of our security professionals assess your school’s security risks and recommend a tailored solution to protect your school, students, and teachers.

safe schools



Apprehension – Good job Henderson Police Dept!

Thank you @Henderson_PD for catching a burglar at a local restaurant!

@sonitrolverify #caughtbysonitrol #verifiedalarms

Friday morning in Henderson, Sonitrol operator, Terry, received an audio alarm at a local restaurant.  The clear sound of breaking glass can be heard as the alarm is tripped during the early morning break-in. The Henderson Police Department arrived to find one individual had thrown a rock through the drive thru window to gain entry.  The man was arrested and transported to the hospital for injuries sustained while climbing over the broken glass. Click on the audio clip below to hear the actual break in.

For a free assessment on a security system that works, contact us!

Police – “You called us, but can they call you?”

burglary alarmWhen officers respond to a commercial burglary alarm, they never know what they will actually find when they arrive on scene.  At Sonitrol, our goal is to help them catch the bad guy.   But that doesn’t always happen.  That is why when we dispatch on your alarm, we first call police and then we call those on your call list.  It is VERY important that your security company can reach one of these people.  Why?  There may be damage to the property.  A window may be broken, a door kicked in beyond repair.  Or even worse, the “bad guy” got away with property.  Update your information with your security provider if you have:

  • Disconnected your home phone
  • Changed your cell phone provider
  • The authorized employee no longer works for the company

If there has been a break in, it is your responsibility to secure a broken door or window.  If any of the “bad guys” evaded police, officers will need you to list things that are missing.  Then they can get the information out to the public to help find your property as soon as possible.

Don’t leave law enforcement hanging!

If you’re interested in a system that has a greater chance of helping law enforcement catch an intruder, call for a free assessment.


Apprehension – Owensboro PD catches a couple of turkeys!

apprehensionWhile most of us were enjoying our long Thanksgiving weekend, Owensboro Police officers and Sonitrol operators were on the job keeping community property safe.

On Saturday morning at 1:52 am, operators received an audio alarm at an Owensboro church.  Police were immediately dispatched.  At 2:02 am, Sonitrol again contacted police dispatch to let them know there was another alarm on a new door.  Operators were informed that officers were on the scene.  The key holder called to let Sonitrol know that two teenagers were apprehended and 2 more were on the run.

A big THANK YOU, to the Owensboro Police Department!

Verified systems are the way of the future.  They help police by reducing false alarms.  And when an alarm is verified, police are dispatched to a burglary in progress and not just another burglary alarm.   Police can respond knowing they might catch the burglar in the act.  Catching the burglar in the act, allows the property owner keep their property and limits the loss to just a broken door or window.

If you are interested in a free assessment for a verified system, contact us.

Cry Wolf! Security solutions to help assist law enforcement

While researching false alarm statistics, I ran across the most descriptive website I have seen in awhile:


If live you live in Charlotte, North Carolina and you receive a fine for a false alarm, go to this website to pay your fine: https://www.crywolf.us/oss/charlottenc/Default.aspx

Cry wolf. How apropos!

No one wants to delay law enforcement from responding to an actual emergency! False alarms waste valuable time and the resources of law enforcement. So, to combat the cost of responding to false alarms, some municipalities have implemented new fines. These fines can cost alarm users thousands of dollars. If you live in Fairfax Co. VA, your fine can cost up to $3000.00.

In some states law enforcement have taken another step to combat these alarms: Enhanced verification. This requires the monitoring station to verify either visually or audibly that there is a crime in progress. According to some numbers, enhanced verification has reduced false alarm response by up to 70%.

If law enforcement is not going to respond unless someone goes to your business and sees someone burglarizing it, why bother?


Verified audio and video is becoming the sweeping new technology because this type of system, puts “eyes” or “ears” in your building when it is armed. Have you ever heard a break-in? Listen below to an actual apprehension and arrest:

This is more than an alarm. It’s valuable information that is relayed by central station operators to responding law enforcement. Listen again as the burglars call each other by name, describe what they find, and give each other “burglar tips”. At 2 minutes and 1 second, you hear the panicked voices as they see the police outside. At 2 minutes and 10 seconds, you hear them discussing hiding in the attic. At 2 minutes and 35 seconds, you hear police go directly to where they are hiding and order them down!

Do you want a system that is not only endorsed, but utilized by law enforcement in our area to secure their property? Try a verified video system, or Videofied. Publicly endorsed by the National Sheriff’s Associations system uses cameras fit with motion detectors that are monitored by a central station. This type of verification, puts eyes in and on your building to not only view details that help law enforcement apprehend an intruder, but provides footage to use in criminal cases.

Another advantage to a verified security system is better police response time. Police know when they receive a verified alarm, that there is an unauthorized person at your property. Therefore, you receive a higher priority than a non-verified alarm.

Nothing will prevent a burglary! But catching a criminal before he leaves with your property, can prevent additional loss.

Are you a verified alarm user? How has this service helped you? Share your experiences in the comments below.

Interested in a verified system?

EPD apprehend 1 suspect with the help of Verified Security Solutions

arrested man hands close upEarly Sunday morning, Sonitrol operators received an alarm on a verified audio system.

Banging and breaking glass was heard by the operators at a vehicle repair center. Police arrived to find the suspect had entered through an overhead door. He was attempting to steal cash, damaged a vending machine and was about to damage another vending machine.

Suspect was taken into custody. Though repairs will have to be made, the customer’s property was retrieved, including the cash. Thanks to excellent response time of the Evansville police department, the suspect was apprehended before he damaged another vending machine!

Verified Security Systems – Better for Law enforcement; Better for Businesses

Why do business owners invest in commercial security systems? To catch anyone who tries to break into their property, right?

No one wants to be burglarized!

But if the worst happens, the next best thing is to have law enforcement apprehend the burglar while he is still on the property. The owner keeps their property and since it interrupts the burglar, it minimizes damages too.

Using an audio or video verified system can increase police response time bcs-icony up to 30 minutes over conventional alarms. How? Because verified calls receive a higher police priority than conventional alarms.  According to the Salt Lake City Police Department, verified alarms average a response time of 5 minutes versus 45 minutes for a conventional alarm.  Police will respond knowing a crime is in progress. Because operators can see or hear inside the building, they can also relay important details to help assist officers such as location of suspect and multiple suspects.

Apprehension – Home security monitoring helps new customers!

Foresight is less expensive (and safer) than hindsight…

Saturday, August 17th – Sonitrol technicians complete the install of a residential intrusion system in Winslow, Indiana

arrested man hands close upThursday, August 21st – At 1:37 am, Sonitrol operators received a panic alarm at the new Winslow address. Police are immediately dispatched. Using the call list, operators contact the woman of the house.  She stated someone was banging on their door. Police arrived and arrested the suspect. Homeowners were told by law enforcement, that the suspect had threatened to kill someone with a 9mm gun earlier that night. He came to the house, drunk, thinking it was somebody else’s home.


Home security monitoring, gave these home owners a direct line to law enforcement for a quick response. With a press of a button, help was on the way.

  • No need to find a phone. pic_schoolalert
  • No need to call 911
  • Never wait on the line to be connected to the proper responding law enforcement in your area.

Whether it be the city police department, state police or the sheriff’s department, Sonitrol operators have the direct numbers to dispatch law enforcement in your area, saving precious minutes. Thanks to our law enforcement’s quick response time, the suspect above never entered the home! Conventional do-it-yourself systems cannot offer this kind of security.

If you have been thinking about home security monitoring, contact us.