Why Cops Trust Sonitrol

Why? Because Sonitrol Alarms are Reliable.

The false alarm rate of conventional systems can reach 98 percent. Sonitrol’s ability to immediately verify an alarm keeps our false alarm rate low. Sonitrol is able to detect a break-in while an intruder is still attempting to gain entry – no matter where the entry point is. Sonitrol signals are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by highly trained professionals. As soon as an alarm signal is received, an operator begins to listen to live audio from your building. No other system can give police such accurate, up-to-the minute information as they respond to the scene. The result? Sonitrol has a high apprehension rate, low false alarm rate, and increased safety for police officers.

Conventional Security Systems:

  • Partial coverage, from limited points of entry.
  • Activate after break-in, with intruder inside.
  • Most call facility to verify break-in, then call you to see if they should send police.
  • Most use audible alarms which alert intruders and make it easy to test the system.
  • Cannot tell the difference between real trouble and false alarm.
  • False alarm rate of up to 98%.

The Sonitrol Difference:

  • Complete coverage from any point of entry.
  • Detection while intruder is still attempting to gain entry.
  • Sonitrol operators confirm with live audio immediately, call police and stay in contact to help with apprehension.
  • Silent alarm leads to Sonitrol’s high apprehension rate.
  • Highly trained operators listen to live audio, recognize non-threatening noises and reset system.
  • Sonitrol has a lower number of false alarms, and a false alarm guarantee.